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Why Choose Yogacara Whistler?

There are many reasons to make Yogacara Whistler your favorite studio to practice. Whether you are visiting Whistler or call it your permanent home – our studio’s unique benefits can elevate your experience of yoga.

  • 13 Class Cap

Receive personalized attention while getting to know your teachers and community! Yogacara ensures a positive yoga experience with small class sizes. Smaller classes ensure you are always seen, always heard, and always attended to by our dedicated teachers. You’ll always have extra space to practice without worrying about bumping into your neighbour!

  • Conveniently Located

We are conveniently located in the heart of Whistler Village! We are a quick walk from the parking lots, ski lifts or anywhere else in town. Yogacara is an excellent choice if you work or play in the village.

  • Complementary Amenities

We believe when you purchase a pass it should include all services. Avoid paying extra for the services you deserve. Our amenities are complimentary – enjoy mat rental, snacks, tea and water at no added cost.

  • Dedicated Teachers

Although all of our teachers have a distinctive style, there is one thing commonly shared – the love of yoga and commitment to students. Many of our teachers are experienced and highly educated in their field. Feel confident about your teacher’s ability to deliver an exceptional experience.

  • Always Clean, Always Convenient

We have high standards at Yogacara. This means we frequently clean our mats and studio. We also regularly replace our mats and props which is clear the minute you walk through our door.

  • Supporting Local

Yogacara Whistler is 100% owned and operated in Whistler. Don’t worry if you’re from out of town – we welcome visitors to our community with open arms!

  • Options

We have many different choices to suit you so you can make the right choice for membership. We have everything from drop-ins to monthly passes and everything in between. Not to mention a variety of class times, styles and teachers. Regardless of your preference or level of practice, Yogacara has a great fit for you to live your yoga.

There are many more details that make Yogacara unique. Come experience our commitment to quality and community by trying one of our classes today!

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