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The Path to Healing Anxiety: a Yoga and Nutrition Workshop


Join Natalie Caranceja, holistic nutritionist, for what helped her through her healing journey. She implemented specific ways of eating which included certain types of food that supported her mind and body. After 3 years of changing how and what she ate, she is now in control of her anxiety; offering her the ability to flow through stressful situations with freedom.

In this talk you will learn:
– The mind-gut connection,
– 3 foods to INCLUDE in your diet to help support you body through its healing
– 3 helpful hacks/techniques to implement when eating to support digestion for optimal absorption.

Andrea Nacey, international yoga teacher and conscious entrepreneur, will hold a special yoga practice with essential oils to compliment this intention to create freedom from anxiety. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, when the main feeling tone in one’s life is that of angst there is often an energy disturbance within the body associated with the spleen chi. We will focus on postures that stretch and compress the belly organs stimulating chi flow in areas of congestion. Our breath practice will focus on length, depth, and retention supporting the body in detoxification. Mindful meditation will be weaved throughout the practice, training our minds to focus and concentrate on cultivating a smooth inner body landscape.

10% of workshop sales will be donated to the BC Mental Health Foundation.


Date: Thursday, October 4th

2:00pm – 3:30pm

Investment: $35+tax

Pre-Registration is strongly recommended for this event. Limited space available, reserve your mat today!

Arm Balances 101


In this informative workshop learn useful tips and techniques to build confidence in different arm balances. This will be ideal for anyone new to these poses or students who are looking to become more steady and stable.
Gain the tools you need to overcome the common fears associated with playing on your hands while breaking down the key components of each pose. Be prepared for thoughtful insight in a fun and supportive space to get familiar with arm balances.

Want to know more about your teacher?

Emily Kane is a passionate yoga teacher and adventure seeker helping others on their path to self-discovery with practical yogic teachings. Her compassionate nature and lighthearted approach will make you feel confident and capable to explore new territories.

For more info on Emily, her credentials, and her offerings visit 

Date: Saturday, December 8th

12:00pm – 2:00pm

Investment: $30+tax or $18+tax for unlimited pass holders


Pre-Registration is strongly recommended for this event. Limited space available, reserve your mat today!

More Info On Events & Workshops

workshops Let us help you take your yoga practice to another level! At Yogacara we offer workshops to help you delve deeper by exploring a wide variety of yogic offerings. This includes everything from styles of yoga, Reiki, Meditation, Nutrition, and other perspectives that enrich your life.  These events are a great way to explore yoga and well-being practices on another level without the commitment or cost of a yoga retreat or a yoga teacher training. Pre-registration is required and registration closes 48 hours before the start time.  We encourage all students to arrive at a minimum of 5 minutes before their workshop start time to avoid missing out on a great opportunity.  Not ready to dive into a workshop yet, or not sure where to start? Take one of our regularly scheduled yoga classes and try different styles and teachers to get a feel of where you want to spend more time and who you want to take workshops with.

Check back to find more opportunities!

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