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Jade Egg Initiation Journey


This workshop is open to women only. 

Jade has a strong balance of yin-yang energy which has made it more valuable then gold in the eyes of the Chinese. The use of a jade stone egg to strengthen the pelvic floor is a practice that had been used for thousands of years by the Chinese and in turn, throughout the world.
The Jade egg practice had been known to deepen the connection to a woman’s own divine energy. Many women have unprocessed pain and trauma stored in the pelvic region which can limit the ability to be fully present and open to life’s radiance. The Jade Egg offers a path to heal oneself with love, awareness and consciousness.
The Jade Egg exercises are used for improving health, both physically and spiritually. Strengthening the muscles of the pelvic floor can reduce incontinence, improve sexual pleasure and prevent prolapse.
In the Jade Egg Initiation Journey you will learn to integrate the Jade Egg with yogic or other energetic practices while honoring your body as a temple and joyfully cultivating feminine radiance. You will finish the Initiation with a strong foundation on which you can continue your own exploration with or without the Jade Egg.

Contraindications: Use of an IUD for contraception or pregnancyOption to practice without egg by choice or if contraindicated – Cost of egg: $65 – $95

*Please note there is no obligation to purchase the eggs to attend the workshop. You may fully participate in the Jade Egg Initiation Journey without use of egg to learn the history, benefits for the body and how to use it correctly.


PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED FOR THIS EVENT.  Registration closes 24 Hours before event start time.


Saturday, July 22nd

12:00pm – 2:00pm

Saturday, August 18th

12:00pm – 2:00pm


Investment: $35 plus tax.


About Your Teacher

Nolita Ananda is a true wanderer at heart and bounces between two magical worlds of Whistler, BC Canada and Koh Phangan, Thailand. She is affectionately known as Nolita Ananda, due to her wild, shake-up-the-room hula-hoop performances. Nola spreads her love and joy to others through yoga, cacao ceremonies, and sharing the Taoist wisdom of the Jade Egg in women’s circles. Nola Ananda is the founder of “Secrets of Jade,” where she offers online Jade Egg initiation journeys and a wide range of Jade Eggs and crystals for yoni healing. 


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Reiki Level 1 Course


Be empowered to use the healing energy of Reiki on yourself while developing your skills as a practioner. In Reiki Level 1 expect to explore energy meaningfully using techniques from the Usui Tradition. The methods used can be effective to uplift your own life with Reiki and give you the tools to practice on others. 

In Reiki Level 1, each student will:

  • be attuned to empower themselves with healing Reiki energy
  • cover the history of Reiki and the Usui tradition
  • discuss ethical considerations in practicing/treating with Reiki
  • practice self-care with Reiki energy
  • learn how to treat others using Reiki energy
  • practice on other students using the techniques learned
  • receive a certificate upon successful completion of the course
September 30th & October 1st 2017
12:00pm – 4:00pm (both days)
Investment $250

Want to know more about your teacher?

Emily loves sharing knowledge on how yoga connects to the practice of Reiki. She believes the mind/body/spirit connection is an essential part of understanding and exploring energy. In this course, centering and self-care techniques will also include meditation, mantra, and other yogic principles. Click here to learn more about Emily.

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workshops Let us help you take your yoga practice to another level! At Yogacara we offer workshops to help you delve deeper by exploring a wide variety of yogic offerings. This includes everything from styles of yoga, Reiki, Meditation, Nutrition, and other perspectives that enrich your life.  These events are a great way to explore yoga and well-being practices on another level without the commitment or cost of a yoga retreat or a yoga teacher training. Pre-registration is required and registration closes 48 hours before the start time.  We encourage all students to arrive at a minimum of 5 minutes before their workshop start time to avoid missing out on a great opportunity.  Not ready to dive into a workshop yet, or not sure where to start? Take one of our regularly scheduled yoga classes and try different styles and teachers to get a feel of where you want to spend more time and who you want to take workshops with.

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