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Snowflow: Yoga For Riders


We love riding as much as you do and like you, we want to play in the mountains for the rest our lives. Snowflow Sessions are designed by riders for riders and aim to support you by creating physical, emotional and mental balance using Traditional Yogic tools at the end of your riding day.

The combination of meditation, breathwork, flow, and restorative yoga has helped us strengthen our mindset, improve our riding, get through / avoid injuries, deepen our relationship with nature and the present moment. Our wish is that it can help you too.

Want to know more about your teacher?

Claire Thiebaud Sinclair is a passionate yoga teacher and snowboard instructor/coach.

She has been instructing for over a decade at Whistler Snow School and loves spending her days in the mountains sharing her passion with her students.

She believes in the power of grounding and restoring the body and mind after a riding day.

Dates: Fridays starting December 15th – April 13th 

6:15pm – 7:30pm

Investment: $60 for 4 sessions or $20+tax per session


Pre-Registration is strongly recommended for this event. Limited space available, reserve your mat today!

Space is limited, reserve today!

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Women’s Health and Yoga Series


A series of workshops to support well-being while empowering students with useful tools and self-care practices. Each session will have talk and discussion followed by a yin yoga practice both designed to support women’s health.


All four workshops are $60+tax, drop-ins are $20+tax

Female Cycle 101

Saturday, March 17th 1:30pm – 3:15pm
Join Lauren Crape, naturopathic doctor, for a general overview of female reproductive hormones and how they fluctuate throughout the female cycle. 
Andrea Nacey, international yoga teacher, will follow the discussion with a yin practice to support women’s hormonal health.

Stress and Hormones

Saturday, April 28th 1:30pm – 3:15pm
Join Lauren Crape, naturopathic doctor, for on a discussion on the role of the stress response on reproductive health and hormonal balance.
Andrea Nacey, international yoga teacher, will follow the discussion with a yin practice designed to relieve stress.

All About Birth Control

Saturday, May 19th 1:30pm – 3:15pm
Join Lauren Crape, naturopathic doctor, for a discussion on how the birth control pill works, the benefits and risks, making sure it is the right choice for you and a review of options for contraception.

Andrea Nacey, international yoga teacher, will follow the discussion with a yin practice designed to tap into intuition.


Natural Hormone Balancing

Saturday, June 16th 1:30pm – 3:15pm

Join Lauren Crape, naturopathic doctor to learn how to balance hormones naturally with the use of herbs, nutrients, diet, and lifestyle

The course will be followed by a yin practice to support a woman’s natural hormonal balance offered by international yoga teacher, Andrea Nacey.

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More Info On Events & Workshops

workshops Let us help you take your yoga practice to another level! At Yogacara we offer workshops to help you delve deeper by exploring a wide variety of yogic offerings. This includes everything from styles of yoga, Reiki, Meditation, Nutrition, and other perspectives that enrich your life.  These events are a great way to explore yoga and well-being practices on another level without the commitment or cost of a yoga retreat or a yoga teacher training. Pre-registration is required and registration closes 48 hours before the start time.  We encourage all students to arrive at a minimum of 5 minutes before their workshop start time to avoid missing out on a great opportunity.  Not ready to dive into a workshop yet, or not sure where to start? Take one of our regularly scheduled yoga classes and try different styles and teachers to get a feel of where you want to spend more time and who you want to take workshops with.

Check back to find more opportunities!

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