Thai Massage

Thai Massage from the Lanna Tradition of Northern Thailand is like a meditation in motion that can be invigorating, sedating or harmonizing, bringing balance to the elemental forces within the body. A flowing combination of tissue work, release points, channel work, passive-relaxed stretching, Range of Motion and Arterial Compressions are done with using hands, forearms, elbows, knees and feet of the practitioner.


What to Expect

A Health history form is filled out and reviewed upon arrival where we will discuss the goals you wish to see from the session. A Mantra and ceremonial foot cleanse may be performed to bestow blessings of good health if welcomed. Thai Massage is performed on a mat on the floor, please wear stretching attire you will remain fully clothed as no oils are used.



Thai Massage can benefit everyone from children to the elderly.
– Increases flexibility/range of motion, circulation, lymphatic flow and joint health
– Aids in the elimination of toxins
– Regulates the nervous system
– Reduces stress, increases relaxation
– Rehabilitates muscles post injury, breaking down scar tissue and adhesions
– Balances muscle compensation patterns (tones weak muscles, relaxes tight muscles)
– Allows mind and body to relax creating a greater sense of well being
– Complementary to all health care regimes; nutrition, meditation, and other physical therapies


Please email or call for appointment availability


1 Hour 45 mins $170 – Full Body Thai Massage

Mini Sessions (1 hour) $105 – Perfect for Specific Areas of Focus

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