Thai Cupping Therapy

Thai Cupping Therapy is a tradition from Northern Thailand using a combination of stationary cups, moving cups, and flash fire cupping. These therapeutic techniques are meant to encourage physical and spiritual healing. Thai Cupping Therapy is the perfect therapeutic treatment for optimal health and well-being.


Benefits of Thai Cupping Therapy include:

  • reduction of pain and inflammation
  • improved blood flow
  • releasing tension
  • relaxation
  • musculoskeletal effects similar to that of deep tissue massage
  • encourages movement of lymph
  • increased immunity
  • boosts skin health (improves cellulite, circulation)
  • improves digestion


The therapeutic applications of Thai Cupping Therapy are not limited to improving the following conditions:

  • blood disorders
  • rheumatic disorders (ex: arthritis, fibromyalgia)
  • high blood pressure
  • migraines (due to tension)
  • bronchial congestion
  • circulation issues
  • scar tissue
  • gastrointestinal diseases (irritable bowel syndrome, acute gastritis etc.)

Thai Cupping Therapy

$105+tax for 1 hour treatment

What can you expect?

  • cupping sessions are held on a traditional massage table
  • the use of specialized cups applied to the skin
  • a combination of stationary, moving, and flash fire cups
  • organic coconut oil is used for moving cups


Potential Side Effects of Thai Cupping Therapy Treatments:

  • clients may have cupping marks 3-7 days post treatment
  • cupping marks are completely normal for stationary cups and are part of the healing process
  • cupping marks appear like bruises due to the increased blood flow to the surface of the skin

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