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Join us on our blog as we dive into the explorations of yoga on and off the mat, we explore Meditation, Mantra, Philosophy including topics such as the Yoga Sutras and the 8 Limbs of Yoga. We reveal how all of these things affect not only your asana practice, but also your practice off the mat and into your life. Writing is not only a way for us to express ideas and reflections but a way to teach ourselves in each moment. We are inspired by yogic living, straight from our beautiful community in Whistler, B.C.  Do you have a topic that you would like to know more about, an idea or series that you would like to see us explore on our blog? Contact us and let us know!

Wanting to learn more about Yoga Teacher Training and how your practice can go much deeper, stay tuned for tips on how to refine your practice. Do you have an questions, comments or want to know more? Please feel free to comment on any posts and start the conversation.


Yogacara Featured One of the Best Yoga Studios

Yogacara has been featured as one of the best yoga studios in Canada by Stylight Magazine. What makes Yogacara so special you might ask? Here are a few reasons why students love joining us for yoga classes, holistic health sessions, yoga teacher training, and more. 1.) Always small class sizes This is a rare opportunity for a yoga studio to cap classes at only 15 students. This allows for a unique connection with your teacher and community. You’ll always receive attention and care you deserve, plus you’ll never feel self-conscious about taking up too much space. There’s always enough to go around! 2.) Compassionate, caring, and skilled teachers We understand yoga is for all and we encourage everyone to practice the values of yoga, on and off their mat. This is what inspires our teachers to hold space for everyone to enjoy their yoga practice. Those vibes can be felt right when you walk through the door.

5 Signs of an Advanced Yogi

When I started going deeper into my yoga practice, I began to wonder what it really meant to be an advanced yogi. I remember the frustration I had with certain poses that wouldn’t happen no matter how hard I tried. One day in a yoga class, I noticed someone transition directly from a wide-legged forward fold to a headstand. My reaction was, “Wow, this person is like a magical unicorn!” I could also hear the little voice of doubt inside my head saying that would never happen for me. Well, I was wrong. A few years later, I conquered that variation—I’d officially transformed into that magical unicorn. Did I feel any more enlightened? No. Did I feel like I’d raised the bar? Not really. Luckily for us, what determines an advanced yogi has nothing to do with yoga poses; shifting into a refined practice goes a few layers deeper, to the core essence of what it means to be a “real yogi”—whatever that means.

4 Good Reasons To Go Plant Based

Progressively working towards a diet that is centered around plants is one of the best things you can do for your health and the sustainability of our planet. Regardless of your beliefs or practices in regards to consumption of dairy, poultry and other various meat sources, the perks of eating more plants are undeniable. If you still need some convincing, it’s worth considering that some of the strongest, most robust creatures on the planet thrive on a plant based diet. Elephants, rhinos, hippos, bison and horses all thrive and healthily reproduce on a vegan diet. Increased Energy Digestion is one of the most taxing processes that your body undergoes. Since we are digesting food several times a day, it’s best to stick with foods that are easiest for our system to digest. Doing this will minimize the energy that your body is expending. You can expect to see a noticeable difference in….

Whistler Local Gift Guide

Still have a few more holiday gifts to pick up for people you care about? Feel good about your gift giving over the holidays by picking up something local to Whistler. There are plenty of perfect presents for everyone on your list that support a locally owned and operated business.

For the Adventurous Sprit

If there’s that special person on your list that wants to get out of bounds (but do it safely) then check out the AST Level 1 Avalanche Safety Courses offered by Mountain Skills Academy. They’ll learn the ins-and-outs of avalanche safety and get a solid introduction to venturing into the backcountry.
For those who like to go straight from the hill, to apres, or yoga (or anywhere else for that matter) the GoggleSoc will be revolutionary. It’s a protective case that’ll keep goggles safe from scratching….

Plant-Based Recipes You’ll Love

Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, or even flexitarian, anyone can appreciate the wholesome goodness of a plant-based meal. There are many reasons to choose a plant-based diet with plenty of organic veggies and fruits. More plant-based websites and bloggers are coming out with incredible resources to make mouthwatering dishes (that won’t make you feel like you’re missing out). With the right resources, these meals can be filling, tasty, and nutrient dense. Here is a list of the top plant-based recipe resources from websites and bloggers you definitely won’t want to miss.

1.) Oh She Glows

This one’s a no brainer. If you’ve ever stumbled upon this cookbook or website (or app!) you’re in good hands! This award winning vegan recipe website will make meals quick and easy.

Conscious Shopping Guide for Whistler

You already know that where you put your dollar counts. Buying products that are ethical and sustainable for the planet makes a big difference! You realize that making these conscious day-to-day decisions can slowly change the world. You’d think we’d have limited options here in our beautiful little mountain town but luckily, that’s not the case. We have plenty of options in Whistler when it comes to buying consciously. Everything from shopping local, cruetly-free, eco-conscious, and more. We have a few perfect options for conscious shopping in Whistler if you’re looking for great brands that fit your lifestyle. All of the products listed are eco-friendly and cruelty-free. They are available in Whistler at Nesters, IGA, and most drugstores unless otherwise listed. Personal Care/Grooming

A Staycation For Any Whistler Yogi

Whistler has so much to offer in the summer time. From pristine lakes to worthwhile hikes with breathtaking views and even outdoor concerts. When there’s so much to explore from home, there’s no need to go anywhere else. As a local it feels good to take a break and truly enjoy what Whistler offers. For visitors, it’s nice to be connected to this beautiful mountain community. This is why the staycation is the perfect idea for any Whistler yogi. Here are our top suggestions to make your staycation a memorable one.
1.) Lounge on a patio

There’s something about sitting out in the sunshine that can make your heart sing. Our suggestions are Portobello’s in the upper village, Aura in Creekside, and Table Nineteen at Nicklaus North Golf Course.

Yoga Teacher Spotlight: Susan

Susan (Sadhana) is one of the skilled yoga teachers that the Yogacara community feels honoured to have. This week, she has been featured in our yoga teacher spotlight in the hopes that you can get to know her and the connection she has to yoga. Do you have any favourite mantras/meditations/spiritual practices? I am fascinated with mantra, the Sanskrit language and the effects it has on not only those chanting, but all beings, plant and animal life in its proximity. Mantra is a daily practice that has become effortless and brings so much joy. It’s a very powerful tool to bring things back into balance and perspective. During extended poses when I am not cueing, I am often chanting silently, helping to raise the frequency of the room.

Finding Harmony Through Chakra Balance

Let’s be real here. Life often takes a toll on our bodies both physically and emotionally. Whether it be emotionally traumatic experiences or general stress and anxiety, everyday experiences can cause a chakra to get thrown out of whack. When our chakras are underactive, or overactive, they are not able to work together harmoniously resulting in an overall imbalance. The negative effects of an over or underactive chakra can be reduced thanks to certain poses that target particular chakra systems. In my experience targeting the first and second chakra have been the most effective in allowing me to balance the remaining chakras – by starting from the ground and working up!

Yoga Butterflies As A Teacher

With your yoga teaching certificate in hand and eagerness at heart, you finally feel ready to take on the yoga world after completing your yoga teacher training! With all the new knowledge you’ve gained over your time at yoga teacher training, you’re keen to bring this knowledge to your local studio(s) and finally put what you’ve learnt to practice. A common occurrence that plagues a lot of new yoga teachers is what I like to call the “Yoga Butterflies”. Nervousness is something that all new yoga teachers are bound to experience. I’m convinced that new teachers who do not get nervous teaching must be some sort of superhuman that Professor X from X-men is awaiting…

Tips For The Busy Yogi

Daily Yoga For a Tight Schedule Let’s be real here. Not all of us have the time to commit to a 60 minute – 75 minute asana practise every single day. You know what? That’s okay! In today’s world, many of us have 40-hour work weeks, household commitments, kids, chores and so on. Before we know it, we’ve tossed our yoga practice aside to revisit it tomorrow or whenever time allows. For anyone who’s a busy yogi, I understand the struggle of balancing a quality practice with the demands of the world around us. As someone who spends up to 15 hours per a day at work, and spends my free time taking advantage of the short, but sweet snowboarding season here in Whistler, I too consider myself a busy yogi.

Detoxification For The New Year

Detoxify Through Yoga, Getting Your Body In Top Condition

The first few weeks of the new year are over, but a very promising 2017 lies ahead of us! If you’re like millions of people who enjoy making New Year’s resolutions, perhaps you have resolved to make this year a great one in terms of health, and how you care for yourself. In this article, not only will we discuss ways to get your body in motion by means of yoga (which also serves as an excellent way of keeping your stress at a manageable level), we will give you some tips and tricks to detoxify that you can use to get yourself feeling fantastic in no time!

Gift Ideas For Your Favorite Yogi

Gift buying can be stressful. Trying to figure out the right gift is tough for anyone, but what about that special yogi on your list?
We have a few great ides to get the perfect gift for the yogi in your life. All of our suggestions are easy to find, right here in Whistler.

Healing Crystals and Stones
The yogi in your life will be so happy to carry a physical manifestation of their intention wherever they go. We recommend checking out Rocks & Gems in Whistler for a selection of crystals and stones that offer protection and guidance.

RMT Tips To Stay Healthy for Ski Season

There’s a buzz in Whistler that happens at this time every year… the mountain is open and there’s finally snow on the ground in the village! Excitement is in the air and whether you’ve been up the hill or not, it’s nice to welcome ski season back to our little mountain town. So the next thing on everyone’s mind as a skiier or snowboarder is how do I extend my ski season? Or in other words, how can I avoid getting injury and stay healthy this year. We have some great tips from local registered massage therapist (RMT) Stacey Taylor.

Fall Mindfulness Practices In Whistler

Ahhh Fall. The leaves are changing, the air is crisper, and pumpkin spice is all-the-rage. It can also be a time to commit to your yoga and mindfulness practice. So what is mindfulness you might ask? To be mindful is to become fully aware of the present moment. It’s an opportunity to acknowledge one’s thoughts, feelings, and sensations without attaching yourself to them. There are many ways to cultivate mindfulness on and off the mat but here we give you a few ideas of how to bring this into practice right here in Whistler. Explore our backyard Whistler is a beautiful place to explore with so much to offer. Our tips to stay present and cultivate mindfulness while hiking is to become aware of each step or each breath that you take.

Our Summer Book Suggestions

Summer is here! Sunshine, lake days, and vacation season is officially in. For many of us, this means with longer days we get an extension on our work and our play. So what options do we have to find our zen other than yoga? Our answer is diving into a good book. Here are a few of our yoga teacher’s favourite book suggestions right now. We’ve included links for all of the books through Whistler bookshop Armchair Books, thank you for supporting local! Book suggestions from Andrea 1.) The Miracle of Mindfulness ~ Thich Nhat Hanh Why? I have a huge life event coming up….giving birth to my first baby and just like everyone in our human existence I deal with anxiety & fear when it comes to the unknown.

New to Yoga? What You Should Know

If you are new to yoga, congratulations!

You’ve made your first big step as a yogi. Choosing to be on your mat is extremely empowering. Starting out on this path into the world of yoga can be exciting but also a little intimidating. You may have a ton of questions like “what classes should I take? How do I do this pose? Am I in the right place?” We’ll break down the important parts of a yoga practice so you’ll know what to expect even if you’re new to yoga.

Be patient

This tip is key. Have you ever heard someone say “I don’t like yoga” but they’ve only tried yoga once?

Spring Sun Salutations

There’s nothing like ushering in a new season by shaking off the cobwebs with a few sun salutations. The tradition of practicing sun salutations is meant to honor the sun, our source of life and light. It’s a beautiful way to warm up the body, increase the flow of prana (a.k.a. life force energy), and honor the shift from winter to spring—or any season for that matter! Sun salutations are also known as “Surya Namaskar” which translates to “sun” (surya) and “to bow to” or “to adore” (namaskar). So what sun salutations should be practiced? Luckily, there are many variations on this ancient spiritual tradition.

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