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Are you looking for small Whistler Yoga Classes in the heart of Whistler Village?

We have yoga classes every day with many styles to choose from. We offer many different class styles including Hatha, Yin, Restorative, Vinyasa, Yoga Nidra and Kundalini.

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Our Intention | Whistler Yoga Classes

Compassion, connection and community are of the highest value to our Whistler yoga community! We love sharing our passion for well-being with others. This inspires us to offer traditional and authentic yoga classes that nurture mind, body and soul. At Yogacara we offer small class sizes, an intention that puts people first. We strive to create a positive experience for all levels of practice. Our peaceful practice space offers a unique setting for everyone to enjoy. We recognize that yoga is so much more than the physical benefits. Embodying yoga as a holistic experience is important to us! We believe the principles learned on the mat has the potential to change lives. We commit to creating the best possible Whistler yoga experience for all. Welcome to our community!

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Yogacara Featured One of the Best Yoga Studios

Yogacara has been featured as one of the best yoga studios in Canada by Stylight Magazine. What makes Yogacara so special you might ask? Here are a few reasons why students love joining us for yoga classes, holistic health sessions, yoga teacher training, and more. 1.) Always small class sizes This is a rare opportunity for a yoga studio to cap classes at only 15 students. This allows for a unique connection with your teacher and community. You’ll always receive attention and care you deserve, plus you’ll never feel self-conscious about taking up too much space. There’s always enough to go around! 2.) Compassionate, caring, and skilled teachers We understand yoga is for all and we encourage everyone to practice the values of yoga, on and off their mat. This is what inspires our teachers to hold space for everyone to enjoy their yoga practice. Those vibes can be felt right when you walk through the door.

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5 Signs of an Advanced Yogi

When I started going deeper into my yoga practice, I began to wonder what it really meant to be an advanced yogi. I remember the frustration I had with certain poses that wouldn’t happen no matter how hard I tried. One day in a yoga class, I noticed someone transition directly from a wide-legged forward fold to a headstand. My reaction was, “Wow, this person is like a magical unicorn!” I could also hear the little voice of doubt inside my head saying that would never happen for me. Well, I was wrong. A few years later, I conquered that variation—I’d officially transformed into that magical unicorn. Did I feel any more enlightened? No. Did I feel like I’d raised the bar? Not really. Luckily for us, what determines an advanced yogi has nothing to do with yoga poses; shifting into a refined practice goes a few layers deeper, to the core essence of what it means to be a “real yogi”—whatever that means.

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4 Good Reasons To Go Plant Based

Progressively working towards a diet that is centered around plants is one of the best things you can do for your health and the sustainability of our planet. Regardless of your beliefs or practices in regards to consumption of dairy, poultry and other various meat sources, the perks of eating more plants are undeniable. If you still need some convincing, it’s worth considering that some of the strongest, most robust creatures on the planet thrive on a plant based diet. Elephants, rhinos, hippos, bison and horses all thrive and healthily reproduce on a vegan diet. Increased Energy Digestion is one of the most taxing processes that your body undergoes. Since we are digesting food several times a day, it’s best to stick with foods that are easiest for our system to digest. Doing this will minimize the energy that your body is expending. You can expect to see a noticeable difference in….

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Yogacara was an essential part of my winter vacation this year.  The Whistler Village studio was just a hop skip and jump from my hotel. The studio is pristinely zen-like and fully equipped with fabulous props, so no need to bring your own mat as everything is already arranged and provided for.  You can even help yourself to tea at the end of your practice.

Julie M.

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