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Are you looking for small Whistler Yoga Classes in the heart of Whistler Village?

We have yoga classes every day with many styles to choose from. We offer many different class styles including Hatha, Yin, Restorative, Vinyasa, Yoga Nidra and Kundalini.

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Compassion, connection and community are of the highest value to our Whistler yoga community! We love sharing our passion for well-being with others. This inspires us to offer traditional and authentic yoga classes that nurture mind, body and soul. At Yogacara we offer small class sizes, an intention that puts people first. We strive to create a positive experience for all levels of practice. Our peaceful practice space offers a unique setting for everyone to enjoy. We recognize that yoga is so much more than the physical benefits. Embodying yoga as a holistic experience is important to us! We believe the principles learned on the mat has the potential to change lives. We commit to creating the best possible Whistler yoga experience for all. Welcome to our community!

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Finding Harmony Through Chakra Balance

Let’s be real here. Life often takes a toll on our bodies both physically and emotionally. Whether it be emotionally traumatic experiences or general stress and anxiety, everyday experiences can cause a chakra to get thrown out of whack. When our chakras are underactive, or overactive, they are not able to work together harmoniously resulting in an overall imbalance. The negative effects of an over or underactive chakra can be reduced thanks to certain poses that target particular chakra systems. In my experience targeting the first and second chakra have been the most effective in allowing me to balance the remaining chakras – by starting from the ground and working up!

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Yoga Butterflies As A Teacher

With your yoga teaching certificate in hand and eagerness at heart, you finally feel ready to take on the yoga world after completing your yoga teacher training! With all the new knowledge you’ve gained over your time at yoga teacher training, you’re keen to bring this knowledge to your local studio(s) and finally put what you’ve learnt to practice. A common occurrence that plagues a lot of new yoga teachers is what I like to call the “Yoga Butterflies”. Nervousness is something that all new yoga teachers are bound to experience. I’m convinced that new teachers who do not get nervous teaching must be some sort of superhuman that Professor X from X-men is awaiting…

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Tips For The Busy Yogi

Daily Yoga For a Tight Schedule Let’s be real here. Not all of us have the time to commit to a 60 minute – 75 minute asana practise every single day. You know what? That’s okay! In today’s world, many of us have 40-hour work weeks, household commitments, kids, chores and so on. Before we know it, we’ve tossed our yoga practice aside to revisit it tomorrow or whenever time allows. For anyone who’s a busy yogi, I understand the struggle of balancing a quality practice with the demands of the world around us. As someone who spends up to 15 hours per a day at work, and spends my free time taking advantage of the short, but sweet snowboarding season here in Whistler, I too consider myself a busy yogi.

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Yogacara was an essential part of my winter vacation this year.  The Whistler Village studio was just a hop skip and jump from my hotel. The studio is pristinely zen-like and fully equipped with fabulous props, so no need to bring your own mat as everything is already arranged and provided for.  You can even help yourself to tea at the end of your practice.

Julie M.

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